Take back control of your data

With Schluss, you – and you alone – decide who knows what about you

Our vision

It’s time to take back control

Do you ever read the privacy statements? Nobody really does. We are constantly sharing personal information online. And, as a result, our identities aren’t even ours anymore. And that’s why, with Schluss, you and only you are in charge of who knows what about you.


Schluss. Basta. Stop. Take back control of your own information. Join us.


Schluss. Basta. Stop. Take back control of your own information. Join us.


2019: Copy your data


2023: Manage your data


2025: Safely store your data with Schluss


The Schluss roadmap

We can almost see you frowning, saying Schluss is taking the long way home. That it’s too big an idea. Complicated. Impossible, perhaps, even. We know. And that is why we came up with our roadmap, in 3 steps.


Schluss partners also dream of a better world

Schluss is growing. Just as the impact it is having on how we approach personal information and online privacy. We are tremendously proud of this. But we can only do it together with our partners. Partners who – just like us – dream of a better world. A world in which everyone is back in control of their own information. Together with our partners, we are executing pilots that develop Schluss even further.

Winner Dutch Privacy Award 2021
Nominated Dutch Privacy Award 2018 & 2019
Nominated Internet Innovation Award 2018 & 2020
Winner Cybersecurity Award 2018
Participant CES Las Vegas 2018 with StartupDelta
Participant Startupbootcamp Fintech & Cybersecurity 2017

Hey you, Developer!

Schluss is a community, and we believe we can learn from you and you can learn from us. Together we can make sure people get back control of their personal data again and that is why we are building a movement. Want to join?

Join us

The time has come for you to take back control over your own information. We know, it sounds a little revolutionary. But it is. And only together can we make it possible. So join us and become part of the Schluss-community!