Schluss is not your every-day start-up

With Schluss, you will once more be in control of your own information

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Who we are

Schluss is an innovative start-up with outspoken people. People who work hard on making Schluss a reality, every single day. Because they want to prove that things can be done differently. That a different and better world is possible. A world in which you are in control of your own information once more.

With Schluss, you – and you alone – decide who knows what about you. That’s our mission. It’s what we think about with every decision we make. For instance, we consciously will be a cooperative in which all users are co-owners of Schluss. The technology behind Schluss is also open source. Everyone can access it. We have no secrets.

But this certainly is not the easiest way to go. For us, the smallest challenges can sometimes be huge. We have to give every solution a lot of thought. And still, at the end of the day, we stay true to our mission. So that eventually, you can truly be the one who decides who knows what about you.


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Or visit us in co-working space A Lab, Overhoeksplein 2 in Amsterdam.

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You are full of ideas and want to make an impact on this world. With Schluss we can. Little things make big things happen. Want to help? Let’s get in touch.


Schluss partners also dream of a better world

Schluss is growing. Just as the impact it is having on how we approach personal information and online privacy. We are tremendously proud of this. But we can only do it together with our partners. Partners who – just like us – dream of a better world. A world in which everyone is back in control of their own information. Together with our partners, we are executing pilots that develop Schluss ever further.

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The time has come for you to take back control over your own information. We know, it sounds a little revolutionary. But it is. And only together can we make it possible. So join us and become part of the Schluss-community!