Share your personal information easily and safely

With Schluss, you – and you alone – decide who knows what about you

Open your own digital vault

With Schluss, the first thing you do is open your own digital vault. Other than you, no-one has the access code. Not even Schluss. You store your personal information safely inside it. And, because you manage your personal information in one place, it is always up-to-date. Do you have a new telephone number, bank account or address? You just update your information inside your vault and everyone you have granted access to it is automatically updated as well.

Share your information in the way you want to share it

A webshop wants to know your address. Your doctor needs access to your medical information. Through Schluss any organization can send you an information-access request via your personal Schluss-vault in the app. They first have to specify why they want access to your information and for how long. You can accept that request (or not). You are in control and decide if you want to grant them access to view that one piece of your information. You stay in control with an easy overview of all the access you granted to organizations, which you can easily discontinue, deny or change at any time. Or perhaps allow an organization to view even more information about you. It’s up to you!

You will be able to download Schluss from the App Store

Schluss is still being developed. You will be able to download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store. Alpha App is made available for Android devices only and is available on request.


Schluss. Basta. Stop. Take back control of your own information. Join us.


Schluss. Basta. Stop. Take back control of your own information. Join us.

What we are working on


For you to be able to place files inside your digital vault


Accepting an information-access request from a person or organization.


Appointing someone who can access your information, in case of an emergency

Schluss in the future

In the future, with Schluss, you will be able to do a lot more. For example:

Your medical information in your own vault

Ordering at a web store without needing to log-in

Granting your loved ones access to your information after death

Sharing information about your student debt with your mortgage advisor

Age check, without having to show ID with your birthdate

An international passport

A safety measure for children or elderly folks who may be more vulnerable online

Join us

The time has come for you to take back control over your own information. We know, it sounds a little revolutionary. But it is. And only together can we make it possible. So join us and become part of the Schluss-community!