We promise, when you share your personal information with us:

  1. We will do everything within our power to see to it that your data is stored safely.
  2. That you decide who has access to your data. And for how long.
  3. That we will take the necessary technical measures to not be able to see your data. And that we will not sell or otherwise misuse your personal data.
  4. That we remain transparent in how we conduct business, have no secrets. Because we believe that your information belongs only to one person and that is you.

Because we believe that although, you are willing to share your data , you also want to know who you are sharing it with and that this individual or individuals are not free to do with it as they please.
And because we believe that the business of buying and selling what is possibly the most valuable thing people have – their identity – has to come to an end.
We will commit our efforts to safeguard your privacy online.

When you use the website, Schluss may require for you to provide some information. You maintain control over that information.

Below is a list of events when we ask for your personal information and the reasons for doing so.

Event What data Why & What control do you have
When you contact us, because you want to run a pilot Name / e-mail address So we can contact you via e-mail
When you sign up for the newsletter Name / e-mail address So we can send you our newsletter via e-mail
When you want to support us by making a donation Name of account owner / Account number When you wish to donate money to us, on our end of the transaction, we will be able to see your name and bank account number. We are still working on making anonymous financial donations possible
Visit the website Country / Device / Browser We use Matomo for visitor statistics. We anonymize your IP-address by utilizing only the first two bytes of it ( And your User ID is replaced by a pseudonym.

Disclosure to third parties

You can choose to share your name and e-mail address with Schluss, so we can keep you up-to-date about Schluss. The name and the e-mail address you have chosen to share with us, we will never share with others without your explicit permission. Unless the law or a judge requires us to. In such an event, we will do what is possible to inform you about it.

Right of access, modify, removing and deleting data

If we have personal information that pertains to you, you have the right to:

  • Upon your request, we will provide you with access to the data you have shared with us.
  • Make changes. In the event that your data is no longer accurate of complete, we will modify your data, upon your request.
  • Modifying or discontinuing permission. You might decide, for whatever reason, to modify or completely discontinue the permission you have given to utilize your data. It is your right to do so.
  • Delete data. You also have the right to completely remove your data.

Requests to access, modify, remove and / or delete data, you can send to We will respond to your request as quickly as possible within 30 days.