Our dream

We dream of a world in which your information is yours once more

Our dream

We dream of a world in which your information is yours once more. And no-one else’s. A world in which everyone understands the value of personal information. And will never give it away just like that.

We dream of a world in which we’ve kickstarted this shift in the way people think. In which new initiatives have followed our example. Because self-determination about your personal information has become the norm.

Everything out in the open

All those (free) apps and websites; they sure make life easy. But this is how companies know everything about you: what you do, what you like, how much you make. Sometimes, they know when you’re pregnant, even before your own partner does. They know about your problems, your illnesses.

Knowing everything about you is how companies can influence you. During elections they can influence how you vote, by targeting you with political advertising or fake news. Companies also make money from what they know about you, by selling that knowledge to other companies.

Everything is out in the open. And nowadays, you just don’t know who knows what about you. Or if your data is up to date. Let alone if it’s safe and organizations have not abused it in some way.

Doesn’t that give you a really uncomfortable feeling? So, why do we lock our door when we physically leave the house, yet leave it wide open when it comes to our privacy digitally – perhaps our most valuable possession: our identity, our personal information?

Schluss. Basta. Stop.

It’s time we took back control of our own information. And that is why we offer you – and the rest of  the world – a paid, but safe alternative: Schluss. With Schluss you will always be the owner of your personal information. Only you decide who knows what about you. But, we can only realize this together. So, join us and help Schluss become a reality!


Schluss. Basta. Stop. Take back control of your own information. Join us.


Schluss. Basta. Stop. Take back control of your own information. Join us.

Our Approach

From having your personal data scattered all over the place, to storing your information yourself and sharing it from one single vault

How to take back control of your own information

Currently, your personal information is stored by any number of different individuals and organizations. You don’t exactly know who knows what about you or if that information is even up-to-date. If you want to update that information, you have to ask them for permission to do so. Isn’t that a bit like living in a world upside down?

Together we’ll turn it back around

With Schluss, you store all your information safely inside your own digital vault. Do individuals or organization want to know something about you? They first need to ask for your permission. And let you know why they need access to your information. But also what you get out of it. You can then grant them access. Or not. And you also get to decide for how long.

The Schluss roadmap

We can see you frowning. A huge idea. Schluss sounds complicated. We know. And that is why we came up with our roadmap, in 3 steps.

Schluss belongs to everyone

Schluss is for everyone and belongs to everyone. It will be a cooperative. Every user will be part owner of Schluss. There are no shareholders and so Schluss can never be sold or taken over.

Schluss is a social organization. Because of this, all of Schluss’ expenditure and revenue are fully disclosed. Everything Schluss does is transparent. Including its programming code, which is open source, so everyone can see it and contribute.

Join us

The time has come for you to take back control over your own information. We know, it sounds a little revolutionary. But it is. And only together can we make it possible. So join us and become part of the Schluss-community!