We only make use of Cookies that make using the website easier for you and give us insight into the website’s performance. Without compromise to your privacy. That happens during the following events:

Which data What do you control
Visitor Statistics We use Matomo ( to track visitor statistics. You can choose for it to not do this for your visit. A cookie will then be placed on our website, so Matomo will know your visit will not be counted in the future. For that click the following link: Opt-out
Language of choice If you choose a language other than the standard language, we will save your choice in a cookie. So, next time we can display the website to you in your chosen language.

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Third Party Websites

This privacy statement does not apply to third party websites connected or linked to our website. We cannot guarantee that these third parties are reliable and that they will deal with your personal data in safe and responsible manner. We advise you to also read the privacy statements of these websites before you make use of them.

New developments

As a result of new developments Schluss may make adjustments to this policy. We will keep you informed accordingly. For that we need to have at least your email address. Otherwise we advise you to check regularly our website for any changes in this statement.


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