Control your data in the afterlife

When you pass away, a lot has to be taken care of by the people you leave behind. To do’s that they won’t be in the right state of mind for. In fact, at the moment it is very difficult for relatives to set the affairs of the deceased because they can’t access the required data of the person who passed away.

Schluss overlijden gemachtigde RvIG DELA deVolksbank Davinci Evers en de Gier

Data stewardship when you pass away

At Schluss, we are working on the solution. During your life, you appoint a representative to look after your data. When you pass away, this person gets access to the agreed parts of your Schluss vault, along with the legal authorization to use your data to set your affairs in order.

Does the bank need the contract of inheritance? The undertaker your funeral wishes? Your relatives your will? They can all send a data request to your vault. Your representative can easily respond to this.

Check out the demo video

Curious about what our solution looks like? Watch the video (in Dutch) for an impression.


In the past months, we:

  • designed extensive user flows with all organizations concerned, including a legal framework, designs, copy
  • built a clickable demo
  • conducted qualitative-based user tests

Now we are going to convert it into a proof of concept, with real data. This is followed by another test round and extensive consultation with the organizations involved. We then hope to form an official chain initiative. Want to participate? You’re very welcome!

Schluss + RvIG + KNB + de Volksbank + DELA + Davinci + Evers en de Gier

The project is a potential chain initiative of the Dutch government, notaries, banks and insurers. We are proud to work on this with Rijksdienst voor Identiteitsgegevens (National Office for Identity Data), KNB (Royal notarial professional organization), de Volksbank, undertaker DELADavinci, and last but not least our design heroes from Evers + de Gier.

Join us

Do you want to make it easier for your organization to facilitate the settlement of deceased customers and get in touch with their relatives? Join us!


Schluss. Basta. Stop. Take back control of your own information. Join us.

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