Tiny tech talk from Schluss

This time, we have a tech update to share. One that co-founder and developer Bob ????‍???? can’t stop talking about.

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With Schluss, you and you alone decide who knows what about you. To help achieve this goal, we are working on a solution to ensure that even when you disclose personal data to an organisation, you still have control of that data.

The more control the better, how does it work?

When you disclose your personal data to an organisation, instead of giving them a copy of that data (of which you then lose control over), you just link them to the data stored in your vault.

This gives them direct access to the data in your vault, but you will be in control. You can see whenever they access it and you can revoke their access at any time.

What else does it mean?

As long as you link organisations to your personal data, they will have insight into the most up-to-date version of this data.

If you change your address, for example, you will only need to update it once in the Schluss app. Every organisation that is allowed by you to see your address will now have the updated information. If they ever need to send you something, they send it to an up-to-date address.

Good job! Can I check it out?

We are currently hard at work on this solution, but keep an eye out for future updates. Tip: sign up for our newsletter!

Also, all techies will be able to check it on GitLab soon.

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