How we change the Internet together: byte by byte

With Schluss, you – and you alone – determine who knows what about you. Wait a minute, doesn’t that mean a completely different Internet? That’s right. One that requires a different way of working: the Schluss way, in which everyone works together.

Schluss reverses the data flow on the internet. From data held by the government, companies, banks and big techs, to the rightful owners of that data: you and me. In your own digital vault. Schluss is that vault. You store your data in it, and you determine who can see what about you.

In everything Schluss does, ownership and control of your data comes first. But only together, as a movement, can we achieve this goal. And change the Internet. An internet where we, and our children and grandchildren, are in control of our data again.

That requires a different way of working. The Schluss way.

Schluss is safe

Due to our special technology, Schluss does not know that a vault will be opened, let alone that you did. What your password is. And certainly not what’s inside the vault. This is the only way you as the owner have ultimate control of your data. And how your privacy is guaranteed.

Schluss is open

As tightly sealed as the Schluss vault is,  as open Schluss is as an organization. Take the programming code from our app. It is open source. You can see exactly what we do, technologically speaking. Everyone can watch and contribute. So… co-develop with us!

We are also working on interoperability. The Schluss vault will soon be able to communicate easily with other tools and systems. It is not without reason that we are a founding member of MyData Global. An initiative in which organizations together change the data ecosystem. Competitors? No dude, cooperation partners.

Schluss is for and from the people

All users will soon be co-owners of Schluss. They pay a small amount to use the app. In return, they also retain control of the Schluss organization – in a cooperative.

As a result, your control over your data always comes first. And no other goals, such as profit maximization, on which shareholders can steer. Does Schluss make a profit through healthy business operations? Then the money is invested in the product.

Schluss is for everyone

Everyone who works at, for or with Schluss is equal. From user, collaboration partner, ambassador, board member to employee. Everyone has his or her own responsibilities, and that contribution to Schluss’s mission is equally valuable.

Outside Schluss, people are also equal. That is why we distinguish ourselves through accessible UX design and understandable language. Whoever you are, whatever your situation is, everyone should be able to use the Schluss app and be in charge of their data. Our best practices are now used by other apps. How cool is that?

Join us

Do you also want people to regain control over their own data? Let’s change the Internet together. Join us!


Schluss. Basta. Stop. Take back control of your own information. Join us.