Wanna be a Schlussie, too?

Are you a Product Owner who wants to make social impact by changing the Internet? Well, this is your moment to shine. Apply now!

Schluss Product Owner purple

Who has organizing in his or her DNA.

Who does not turn his or her hand to initiate, manage, monitor and review a product development process. Monitors the efficiency of the process without losing sight of the ultimate goal and product. Sees clarifying and addressing the risks and dependencies within a product development process as part of managing the process.

Who has a great affinity with web & app development, has knowledge of the dynamics within a product development process and in a development team. Has the skills to translate business priorities into clear user stories for the development team. Experience in working with Jira is a plus!

Who flourishes by working with an international development team and various stakeholders. Knows how to work at a distance with different cultures. Takes an interconnecting role but if needed for the process can also be a clear decision taker.

And who loves to work on new technology.

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Join Schluss if you want to make social impact

Schluss is working on another Internet. With other values. And other earnings. Where not everything is ostensibly free and in the meanwhile users pay with the most precious thing they have, their personal details i.e. their identity. We strive for an Internet where people own and manage their personal data themselves. To make that happen, we are working on a paid, but safe solution: the Schluss digital vault.

Join us on our mission by investing your time (16-20 hours during the week), knowledge and expertise. As our Product Owner, you will play a major role in accelerating the development of the game-changing Schluss app.

What we offer

  • Working together with dream-driven colleagues on a meaningful mission
  • Money. Within Schluss we are rewarded equally because we believe that everyone’s contribution is relevant and valuable in aiming our goals. So we all earn a salary based on 4.000 euro gross per month (based on a full-time contract, 40h)
  • 200 holiday hours a year (based on a full-time contract, 40h)
  • A great workspace at A Lab in Amsterdam, but working from other places is allowed too

About Schluss

Schluss is a non-profit organization with no shareholders, that develops a digital vault. But Schluss is more. Schluss is a movement. Because only together we can take back control of our own information. That is why we consciously will be a cooperative, in which all users – we’re aiming at 3.5 billion members – are co-owners of Schluss.

Apply now

Want to go on an adventure with us? Please send your motivation and resume to marieke@schluss.org, before December 1st 2020. We’re looking forward to meet you!